5 ways to deal with a possessive partner

Do you find yourself at the receiving end of pointless interrogations? Does your partner have a habit of checking your phone?

Do you have to explain your whereabouts time and again? If the answer to all of this is yes, then chances are that you are stuck with a possessive partner.

Everyone yearns to be loved, protected and cared for in relationships but sometimes these perfectly healthy traits tend to reach a level when they can be rather sickening.

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Possessiveness if not tackled tends to suck all the love out of relationships, leaving one partner forever suspicious and the other longing for space. Don’t let jealousy and possessiveness ruin your relationship.

Here are 5 ways to deal with a possessive partner:

1. Talk it out

Understanding why someone behaves a certain way helps in dealing with the person better. Think about it – what makes your partner so possessive and overbearing?

Does it have to do with his past relationships, a difficult childhood or just a very poor sense of self-worth?

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Talk to him about his insecurities and fears and understand the root cause. While it is a difficult conversation to have, delaying it will only make matters worse.

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