Do You Agree?? Once You Have Money, People Will Do Anything For You – Femi Jacobs

Once you give the impression that you’re a spender, peeps throw professionalism out the window Femi jacobs gives further explanation on why money is important.

They’ll start offering you their left leg, their granny’s necklace, their pastor’s holy water. They’ll ask if you want to sleep in the pool, or bathe in the kitchen.

They’ll yank the seat from under someone who got it previously on merit and offer it to you, to your shame and embarassment sometimes. They’ll step on peeps just to please you. They’ll denigrate their previous allies, and betray their employers. They’ll corrupt you.

The impunity you see in the rich were orchestrated by those around them most times. A pastor’s convoy once slapped a church member. He had to stop, come down to apologise. That’s even the one he witnessed, cos there were other abuses going on behind him. The worship of cash.

Cash rules. That’s why peeps would do anything to get it. Values are wonky. It usually takes 3 days (read 3 months if you just paid the official fee), but you’ll get it today, delivered to your office with a personal note from the Oga, if he doesn’t bring it himself, for cash.

Your car is stolen? No worries if you have money, cos the police will drive it with some pomp to your house in 24hrs & they could have gone all the way to Seme border to retrieve it. You think they are incompetent? Nah, they’re actually respected worldwide; they’re just corrupt.

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